3 comments on “#newhome for Hugo (part 1)

  1. I just had a look. I love all kinds of #catcontent. While you were still tweeting about Hugo in the shelter, I knew I would not have been able to resist him had I been anywhere close by. I am very happy you finally adopted him ;-).

    I think you paid my blog a visit yesterday, usually it is half about my garden and more than half about our different cats. Just now Monkey went to sleep on my arms because he saw I wanted to start typing.

  2. Oh yeah, they can be super serious. Has happened to Peep #1, twice. Once was at the doctor’s when some idiot let their dog loose and my Auntie Primrose who was in the peep’s arms, bit the peep, trying to get away. The other time was when the peep tried to break up a fight on the street between Nosey-Neighbour-Cat and another cat in the neighbourhood. She picked up the other cat, thinking she could trust him not to bite her but… well… she was wrong about that. MOUSES!


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