3 comments on “Houston, we have a problem

  1. smartphone. Once again, I do this for fun for all and mean no harm by giving speech to cats other than “meow.” To paraphrase from a pic borrowed from twitter : bird is bird, dog is dog, but cat is a person. The creator of this statement : I totally agree with as cats “talk” like we do. And not by meow either. But that is my opinion, as I looooove cats. Thank you for understanding. Good Day

  2. That’s a problem for bloggers too ; the “gentle” way (b) is often enough, as people often don’t know that the pictures you find on the Internet are not free. The stronger way d) is powerful if you have a trusty community with you. We used once the f) option on Facebook for a friend of ours, as the f*** idiot was apparently deaf and blind to our DM. Briefly said, we like your way of managing the © question ! Purrs

  3. This is from George the green & blue eyed Tuxie. I appreciate all the work and research you did to give kitty tweeters like us information. I certainly couldn’t afford to call a lawyer every time George’s picture is stolen so I will have to use your option of blocking. Did you know, though, that if you are on mobile, you can still see accounts of people who have blocked you? So depending what device someone is using, they can see our pics whether we have blocked them or not. That’s a Twitter issue though as someone told me the blocking app doesn’t work on mobile Twitter. I admit I don’t understand all this stuff.

    Again, thank you for all the work you do and I so much enjoy all the kitty pics you and others RT into my timeline. Once George has his own Twitter, I will follow everyone and RT all the pics but until then, I have to still use the Twitter account for other things I am involved in, like animal rescue and working against racism. So I really need to figure things out fast!

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