3 comments on “George Gets Re-Adopted But He Didn’t Feel a Thing

  1. Can’t wait for the next instalment! The picture of Dad & George is so beautifully illustrative of their conspiratorial relationship. Nobody could miss the warmth and understanding in their greeting.

    George’s relationship with Molly is particularly interesting; cat dominates dog, despite George’s lack of claws (which are usually held responsible for cats’ supremacy). Clearly something psychologically deeper is going on. Fascinating!

  2. Thanks Smig! Your suggestion of using that one was good, because George’s story really does start and take its turns because of him. As far as George & Molly? My theory is that George has always thought he was big fierce animal. When Molly herself was rescued, she lived with two cats who’d probably already taught her the lessons that cats are always boss. It took George one swipe of his paw and it must have all come back to her! MOL.

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