6 comments on “Moet, the blind survivor

  1. She is a beautiful light shining on you and now, all of us, through your blog. We are so glad you saved her and that she has enjoyed her fun family! Love it. Hug.

  2. To add to the above, the boy addition I mentioned will sadly not happen, but it’s for a good reason. The local vets that saved Moet called me with the news that they had a blind 3 month old kitten dumped on the steps of the clinic 2 days before. Did I want to see her? Of course… I’d just ‘visit’. Needless to say, our new little girl, ‘Chablis’ is now in her new home – in fact she’s only been here for about an hour and already she’s settling in to her own room well! I’ll keep you all posted!
    Emily & Moet x

  3. What a wonderful heart-warming story even though it gave Mum leaky eyes! Thank goodness there are people like you & the vet in this world, and thank you for sharing Moet’s story.

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