10 comments on “#our animal shelter – #owlcats

  1. What a wonderful post Hugi and what a great shelter! I hope you get lots of publicity for both more funds and also adoptions.
    From Moet and Moetmum. x

    • Great post Hugo! reblogged. I love idea of post with tour and info about a rescue shelter….might be applicable to UK ones? Like a feature on a RSPCA or Cats Protection shelter in our various areas?

  2. What a terrific shelter for those beautiful cats waiting for their forever homes. Love the idea of the ‘guard cats!’
    And thank goodness for the wonderful lady who made it possible and the volunteers who make it work.

  3. What a great place. I wish as you that people would not be as thoughtless as abandoning their pets.
    A big hug for the volunteers and contributors to the *OWL* shelter

  4. Your story is wonderful, the shelter is the nicest I’ve ever seen and the woman who left money so this could be built is inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

    Rockets Mom

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