4 comments on “The Cat Who Loves Breaking Things

  1. Cat psychology is a complex affair, and George has a version all his own. Why he does what he does, we’ll never know; but he seems very pleased with himself. What is your reaction to his destruction? Perhaps he needs to know how sad it makes you. It would be lovely to read one day that he’d given up his delinquent ways.

  2. Smig, I think he’s working out past trauma from his original home where he was lost amongst 90 cats and did things to get attention. I suspect it may be why George (I don’t know of others) was also declawed on his front paws. Then he associates my dad with de-bolloxing and you’ve got the trifecta of neglect, declawing and deballing to avenge. I have decided to haunt thrift shops and buy a big boxful of things that will make a lot of noise when he crashes them to the floor but hopefully don’t break. This story is already outdated MOL

  3. Ohhhh thanks for the laugh! This is such a great add post, Hugi.
    MOL Alexandra: George is a character 🙂 😀
    He’s such a cutie pie too! Love the images and his gorgeous eyes

  4. Thanks KittyCatSmile. Yes, George is certainly a character. An expensive one! I still haven’t replaced any of the lamps he has broken, so reading by book light or overhead light is a nuisance. That story was already outdated by the time it was published! I am very glad you enjoyed it, thank you.

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