4 comments on “no more cats ???

  1. What a great story, and told so well. But as always, your pictures say more than even the most eloquent words can tell. There’s nothing I can add, except to wish you and the Tribe the great future you deserve. I hope to have a Tribe calendar on my wall next year, and possibly the book on my bookshelf? Thank you for the love and care you give to your feline family, the delight and humour you bring to us Twits, and a brilliant blog post.

  2. What a beautifully story. For some reason I thought MiniMa was her only kitten but it’s nice to know all of them (except the newcomers) are. This heartwarming tale of Ma and her tribe put a smile on this face today and believe me, I needed one.

  3. Thank you very much for the kind comments 🙂

    If I could just stop taking new pics, that calendar or book would probably be old news by now :))
    MUST stop… but can’t 😉

    Thanks again

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