8 comments on “Basil’s Adoption

  1. Oh I just melt reading about his adoption story. How sweet! I’m so happy for you Gretchen you got what you needed. And fluffy Basil is one lucky kittycat! He is precious. 😻 hugs from Kay, Pinty & Lia ☺️😼😽

  2. What a great story! When we adopt a kitty we’re really in the dark as to what they’re thinking and remembering before being rescued. He is such a handsome little guy and I always enjoy seeing his pictures. It sounds like you and Basil are a match made in hooman-kitty heaven.

  3. Dat wuz such a lubberly story. Tankz fer sharing. 😻😻

  4. My Phoebe (you know her on Twitter as @PhoebePurr) is also a Maine Coon — gorgeous, fluffy, and high strung! She is not a lap cat either, but adorable and entertaining. She loves her brofur @OreoPurr and in some ways it is easier to have two cats; they entertain each other and are company for each other when we travel. Food for thought! But perhaps Basil is happiest as king of his own castle. He’s a love!!!

  5. Your story of your love for Basil brings tears to my eyes. I adopted Winona from the RSPCA and had her for 17 years , they thought she was 2 years old and it broke my heart when she died 17 months ago. I hope that Basil lasts as long as she did . I cannot understand how people just abandon cats. Or in fact any animals.

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