6 comments on “Scricciola, the bionic cat

  1. omg I’m crying after reading this what a beautiful and very well written story… what a brave sweetheart cat! and how wonderful you took her in and I’m so glad that the animal abuser who did that to her was prosecuted! can’t wait to read more from you Lidia! ❤️

  2. On behalf of cats everywhere, thank you, dear Lidia! I hope one day sweet Dusty will trust me like Scricciola did you. You’re an inspiration!

  3. Awww what a great story to share. I know this had to be very hard to write but am I glad you did. We met and got to know a tabby unlike any other. How could that caretaker be so cruel??? I cant imagine the pain. Yet you had a heart huge enough to love onto Scricciola. What a girl.
    I loved how you said: “You’re a female and, mark my words, we females are strong. And we will help you…” Thank you and Stefano for taking this lovely bionic kitten and loving her so much for all those years. She will always remain in your heart and now ours!

  4. Thank you for saving that tiny little creature Lidia! I am glad your love and kindness paid off eventually, what a touching story. Sometimes I realize that George’s problems are really nothing compared to some other kitties. Even though I know he was traumatized and is a naughty boy, he’s a big cuddle bug from day one so I am so fortunate that way. Thank you for this beautiful story. Very moving.

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