One comment on “#500px photos

  1. Thank you for all you to find cats forever homes. I have 6 rescued cats, and know there is a home out there for all. I adopted a black kitten, Siggy about a year ago. He was not only black, one stike against him already
    He has a foot that has a congenital defect, but that stop him a bit. I saw him on line, and wanted him desperately. Was out of work., and knew I should not take another cat
    My 50th birthday, I was offered a full time position, and drove as fast I could to adopt Stiggy. The girls at the shelter, said he had been passed up, since he was black and was not perfect. Stiggy now fits in fine, even though be does pick on the others.
    Keep up the good work, a pray for every animal who needs a home
    Would love to send a pic of Siggy and the other boys.
    Many Blessings…Mary D. self identified crazy cat lady!

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